S e r v i c e s


Want to make your teeth go from this to that


It is done via braces, we offer the following:

We offer various types of braces such as metal, white braces, invisible aligners to suite your desires at affordable price. We use interest free instalment system of payment


Metal Braces:

These can be worn on both top and bottom teeth, usually fitted on children. There are fun colours that can be used, but some adults also prefer them. They are stronger as they are metal


White/Ceramic Braces:

An aesthetic option, usually worn by people who prefer the braces less visible, with same effects as the metal braces


Invisible aligners

Loved by those who want a perfect smile but prefer it not to be visible at all

Optional Retainer which can be worn during the day as it is transparent. Highly aesthetic and comfortable.



RME: is an expansion appliance used mostly in children to expand the jaws while it is able to move.



The final stage after your braces has been removed, is called retention and bears a separate cost

Special retainers are designed to hold the teeth in the corrected positions.

They are Different types our cost include all consultations for a year while on retainers

RETAINERS are designed to hold your teeth in the corrected position

Gum Guard (PreFinisher)

DURATION – 6 months of everyday wear

Used to settle teeth especially when there is gum swelling.


Plates Retainers

Upper Hawley and lower spring retainers which are removable.

        Worn day and night for the first 6 months to a year, thereafter only worn at night.

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Invisible Retainers

Optional retainer, which can be worn during the day as it is transparent.

Best option if one does not want it visible especially during the day

Invisible Retainer

Upper 1 -1 Fixed

Consist of a fixed retainer wire that is attached to the inside of your upper front teeth

To prevent spaces and teeth becoming crooked again. Retention is necessary because the teeth are still “loose” and need to be settled by your cheeks, lips and tongue within new positions.

The duration of retention varies from person to person. This period is usually six month day and night wear, thereafter, life-time at nights.

If you do NOT wear your retainers exactly as you were told, you teeth will UNDOUBTEDLY shift from their corrected positions and relapse.

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